WeCreate @ TY Expo 2015

Our stand at TY Expo 2015 was a resounding success. We met hundreds of students and their teachers who were fascinated to learn more about digital fabrication and the potential of fab labs.

IMG_20150915_200300                                    IMG_20150916_091007

Our Ultimaker 3D printer was the centrepiece of the stand, seeing the printer in action was a great way to demonstrate the science behind the printing process.

The WeCreate stand also featured a display of amazing objects made using our high-tech equipment with Dermot’s jewellery stand and earrings in the spotlight.

Copy of IMG_20150916_141813            IMG_0182-1           IMG_20150916_142124

We will welcome many of these students and teachers to our specially designed

TY workshops at WeCreate over the coming year.

It will be very interesting to see how these new students engage in the challenge to make almost anything!

IMG_20150916_091937                          IMG_20150916_091847

This you tube video entitled ‘Public Libraries, 3D Printing, Fab Labs and Hackerspaces’, sent to many of the students is a great introduction to the future of manufacturing.